About Us

İstanbul Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association is the first sub-organization that started to work under the General Secretariat of İstanbul Exporters’ Associations in March 1940. The sector of our Association operates under the umbrella of 7 different Secretariat Generals throughout Turkey. Although the sector mostly includes processed agricultural products, it has a production process that meets the expectations of International Food Standards and Turkish Food Codex.

Within our sector, mainly cereals pulses confectionery, grinding products, oil seeds, coffee products, spices, etc. products are available. According to the sectoral classification of TİM (Turkish Exporters Assembly), Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds sector, which has set an export target of 13.7 billion dollars for 2023, is the largest sub-sector in the agriculture category in terms of export values. Pastry products, milling products, cocoa products, sugar and sugar products, other food preparations, legumes, vegetable oils and cereals are among the most exported products of the sector. The main activity of the İstanbul Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association is to implement the export procedure rules and regulations designed by Turkish Ministry of Trade. Among the main duties of İHBİR are to provide services to help exporters reach new markets, motivate and guide them by organizing trade delegations abroad and bringing together potential buyers, organizing Special Qualified or Strategic Buying Mission Organizations and B2B meetings.

In addition, İHBİR works to prepare its member exporters for future developments and to help companies for increasing their sales and improve the quality of their products. For this purpose, İHBİR organizes studies and research activities that encourage its member companies to increase their branding and production diversity. And finally, İHBİR aims to increase our exports by directing our exporters in line with the demands of the importing countries, evaluating the sectoral problems of our exporters and fulfilling the duties given by Turkish Ministry of Trade.