How to Become a Member?

Required Documents for Membership Application

Application Form and Commitment Letter: These can be filled out online on our website ( The application form and commitment letter must be submitted in a signed (by the authorized person representing the company) and stamped form. The signatures on the application form and commitment letter must match the signatures on the signature circular; otherwise, the application will not be accepted.

Trade Registry Gazette: For both Natural and Legal Persons engaged in trade; a photocopy of the Articles of Association or the Establishment Trade Registry Gazette. For Craftsmen; a “Activity Certificate” obtained from the Turkish Craftsmen and Artisans Chamber indicating the craft registration number (photocopy). For Joint Venture Consortia; a Partnership Agreement indicating their status (photocopy).

Tax Certificate: Barcoded Tax Certificate or Taxpayer Identification Letter (photocopy).

Signature Circular: Signature statement for sole proprietorships (photocopy).

Activity Certificate: Activity Certificate obtained from the Chamber of Commerce within the last 6 months (photocopy).

Payment Receipt: Payment Receipt – 200 TL (Entrance Fee) (photocopy) (Bank details are provided below).

Companies that pay the entrance fee will not be required to pay the annual fee in the same year.

To become a member of the Unions under the General Secretariat, it is mandatory to fill out the membership application form. After filling out the application form, the form and the automatically generated commitment letter are to be stamped and signed by the company’s authorized representative. Then, it must be submitted to the General Secretariat or our contact offices in person or via courier.

Membership Requirements and Information:

In the membership application form, please specify the Union you wish to join.

If membership is to be established with a power of attorney, the power of attorney and the attorney’s signature circular will be scanned and uploaded to the relevant field.

The entrance fee is 200 TL for each union. Companies that pay the entrance fee will not be required to pay the annual fee in the same year.

If companies that had previous membership in any Union under our General Secretariat and have resigned wish to become members again, they can make their membership active by paying a 200 TL entrance fee, along with any existing debts and a letter of application and a signature circular.

After completing the membership process, to ensure there are no issues related to your membership, the documents you have uploaded to the system (membership form and signed and stamped Commitment Letter) must be sent by post or courier to the following address: İstanbul İhracatçı Birlikleri Genel Sekreterliği, Yenibosna Merkez Mahallesi, Sanayi Cad. No: 3 Dış Ticaret Kompleksi C Blok P.K. 34197Bahçelievler/İstanbul.

Bank Details
Account Name: İstanbul İhracatçı Birlikleri Genel Sekreterliği
Bank: Vakıfbank – Şirinevler Branch
Branch Code: 282
Account Number (IBAN): TR06 0001 5001 5800 7260 0161 47

Note: Writing the full account name without abbreviation is essential for EFT transactions.
Transfer Description: Please do not forget to include the tax number (for sole proprietorships, the Turkish ID number) of the company for which the annual fee is being paid in the transfer description. (Example: ….tax no. firm’s entrance fee)

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]